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What I do best...

Savour and taste my many flavours...

Get to know me and how my naughty mind clicks.

Melt away with me like butter in your deepest fantasies and desires you deny yourself everyday, for with me we can bring them to life through my gifts of art and creative content.

Float along in fantasy with me on marshmellow and cotton topped Kloud 9.  Be easy, be you, never be ashamed, we are all just animals anyway. 

Every room of my worlds snow white rabbit hole leads to different korners of treasure and delight.  Here with me reality and the troubles it bestows upon you can melt away like soft butter.  No worries when you spend time in this space, for the time we are together it is truly you and me only.  The others and things and faces and burdens can just flow away down a caramel river and matter not a bit for the ravished moments we share.

I do what I do because I was born to do so.  A master and a slave alike, from the time I was a most wee lass seduction ruled my thoughts and animalistic lust lead my every curiosity.  My senses always on high alert for the world's deepest secret desires possible to be explored.  Not just for myself or own my own for my own enjoyment.  The real pleasure for me has always been to share lusty passions and adventures with others.  Seeking out others kinks and perversions has always fullfilled my hunger most.  I want to know what you thirst for, what flavours and fetishes get you most exited and hot for more.  I love stepping into your most hidden kinky fantasies that you deny yourself by day that then haunt you by night.  The world does not understand the taboo fetishes we dream about.  We have to pretend they do not exist going about our daily affairs... but not here in my Puritania Wonderland.  Here we can be as fucked off and freaky as we are to the core.  Natural, genuine, and relaxed in each others company we can be into whatever we want without judgement.  I will never look down on you, and your secrets I will never tell.  Never be ashamed, in my presence, for the animal you are.  We are all beasts of sin as well as saintly angels alike.  We are pure light, we are one... now come close to me for these moments are ours.  Breathe each other in, we must seize this vibrant filthy and perfect moment while we can.  Because nothing lasts forever, everything finds itself at its end ever too soon.  The time is now it will not last long so come take me, have me, rule me, taste me, play and dance with me in the sun... lets begin for then the moment will be forever gone & done.

Ani Erotika ~ The Queen of Narrative Porn ~ The Ultimate in POV XXXperiences ~

Delivering your ultimate desires and delights...

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