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I Got Banned from YouTube {:-0

So my Ani Erotika YT channel got completely annihilation today. They did not warn me... just poof it was gone, after having that account for like 7 years. All I was told was my account is terminated for multiple and severe sexual and nudity strikes and rule violations. Cest' la vive, eh? Just like that! Oops!

So I am going to be started a new one and I hope you come on that journey with me from the start lol, it is going to be a small lonesome meager beginning lol but with you there it is all gravy baby. xoxoxo Will link my new channel asap. Additionally, I am truly sick and beyond tired of being reported and sensored and shadow banned and deleted and on and on and on tired of it truly and I am going to be working to make my website the all out connection to all my mischeif and stuff you love most. Going to make it an amazing bridge to get to all my stuff, my youtube/store/vip and so much more. <3

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